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Going Love First

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Going Love First is a journey into reimagining how our society functions, and co-creating a world built with love for everyone and everything.

How can we lead from the heart, and what does that even look like? In Going Love First I explore the practices and behaviors cultivate love in ourselves, and in our partners, friends, family, and community, and share these findings through essays, podcast interviews, and more. Join me, and together we’ll dive into how we can all cultivate love between us, distilling these findings into actionable, repeatable exercises.

We live in a world of broken hearts and broken dreams, but we are not broken people. If you believe a better world is possible, one remade on foundations of Universal Love, healing our wounds and bridging divides, then Love First is the journey for you.

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About Me

Hi, I’m Faruk, and I’m a Love First Person. Professionally, I’m a personal development coach, product designer, and (recovering) software engineer. For the past five years I’ve been diving into Love as a source for personal and social growth, healing, and harmony. Love First is the philosophy, coaching methodology, and all around way of life that has come out of this work.

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