I do a thing, sometimes in the morning. I say to myself:

Today Is A Weekend Day For Me

I chose to make these words mean that: Today, I’m allowed to do work and feel stressed about income or whatever “thing” I’m trying to do, but at any point I can say: okay, that’s enough work for today. I have been enough for today.

It’s saying: I know I still have something I committed to doing today, but Today Is A Weekend Day For Me.

There will always be tomorro–wait… let me reframe that:

And as long as we keep fighting with love to make a different, better world, there will always be tomorrow.

I say that in the morning on the days I decide are weekends—not the days that the calendar decides—but I find it a helpful system most of the time.

I say that in the morning when I wake up, or after breakfast, or at 11:59 AM just to make sure I still catch morning.

And some times…

Sometimes I say that at 11:34 PM on the Saturday, and write This piece. And publish that, instead of the daily story that I had committed to publishing every day.