Love has infinite dimensions.

One of them is you. Love First

To love life is not to seek meaning, but to create it.

You Are Love

Everything in life begins with the relationship you have with yourself. This relationship determines how you see and experience the world. Love First teaches you to see yourself as your one true soulmate—the only person you spend the entirety of your life with, from birth to death. It is a triad relationship between mind, body, and soul, with each needing care and nurturing.

Loving yourself is less about self-care practices, and more about creating and cultivating your personal identity, your sense of self, to be and become the person you love being. Having clarity on who you are and what you stand for centers you in the storms of life.

To Love Yourself is to be the protagonist in your own hero’s journey, the narrator of your life story, and the author of your worldly experiences. Craft your identity and take charge of your future self. If loving someone means to let them go, loving yourself means to let go of who you were yesterday, and celebrate being who you are today.

“Love makes us who we are, and who we can become.” A General Theory of Love

To Love Yourself is to have an unconditional acceptance of oneself and one’s worthiness of love and belonging. It means to know and believe, in your heart of hearts, that all it requires for you to be the lovable and worthy person that you are, is the fact that you are human—and to recognize that truth for every other human being.

“People who deeply know and love themselves are not hateful towards others.” Yung Pueblo

To Love Yourself is to come to terms with the wounds and traumas of your past; to heal what needs mending inside so that your pain does not cause someone else suffering. It means to learn from each experience, no matter how dire or heartbreaking, so we can live without regret and be grateful in life.

“In order to love who you are, you cannot hate the experiences that shaped you.” Andrea Dykstra